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Decades of impact and counting

The backbone of the ADI Foundation is Adil Adi, a man who truly values the word “Family” – he has a passion for being inclusive and cultivating a feeling of family with everyone he meets. The catalysts for this passion are personal tragedies that he has transformed into driving the quality of life for global citizens.

In his early 20’s, while studying in the United States, Adil lost his young mother to breast cancer and his young father to a fatal heart attack within a matter of 3 months in India. This tragic event had a life changing impact on him, as he was the only child and was left with no other immediate family. After completing his Masters of Business Administration and working as a technical engineer for 8 years (to demonstrate a technology background), he founded WorldLink in 1998 to focus on technology transformation in the enterprise.

After starting with 1 employee and scaling WorldLink to a global company that services the world’s most innovative companies, Adi and his family launched the Adi Foundation to provide opportunities for those who need it most. The Foundation maintains the same passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and sense of family that Adi has espoused starting those many years ago.

Adi Foundation: Our History

Squaring the curve by improving our collective quality of life through both longevity and prolonged health.

The foundation focuses on helping others achieve self-sustainability. We believe in helping everyone stand on their own feet by which they can help themselves and their families. The foundation seeks unique solutions for those that need it and do not stop at anything until a promising solution has been found.

Our Mission

It is the mission of The ADI Foundation to create a better future by leveraging the best in technology, collaboration, and community-based solutions to take on the world’s largest challenges. Our work enhances quality of life for global citizens by creating innovation across initiatives related to improving health outcomes, providing educational opportunities, and driving social equality.

A message from our patriarch:

“We aim to improve the quality of life and longevity by seeking unique solutions in life sciences which are augmented by technology. Our approach is done through an innovative lens, which helps remove traditional barriers and fundamentally shifts a nascent mindset. Only when we think out of the box can we find a way to bring positive change to the world, which is so very needed. Challenging researchers, physicians and fellow philanthropists to not give up and not take ‘no’ for answer, is our impetus. Only when we work together, can we achieve ever lasting, positive change”

Our Current Focus

Our foundation is teaming up with partners around the world to take on challenges that are dearest and nearest to us: Rare pediatric disease.

We focus on one major issue because we think that’s the best way to have a profound impact.
Why we focus on Rare Pediatric Diseases in particular is because we believe every child should have a fair shot at a long and meaningful life. Finding a way to cure and prevent these life-threatening diseases will not only give these children the life they deserve but have a positive impact on their families, friends and community.

Ways We Support

Our contributions are innovative, impactful, and delivered through diverse but targeted means. Examples of our support include:

National Help

Supporting national and international research in the fields of Rare Pediatric Diseases.

Local Help

Support for local and regional Medical Centers.

Financial Help

Providing financial support for treatment.

Family Help (501(c)(3))

Providing financial support for families.

Corporate Initiatives

The Adi Foundation has a unique corporate partnership with WorldLink & Inspired intellect. This partnership allows for the Adi Foundation to work with these two businesses to drive corporate charitable initiatives and enable all stakeholders involved to work together to produce waves of positive change.


Examples of Corporate Initiatives include:

Employee Gift Matching

Food and Toy Drives

Support of Community Shelters

Our Team

Adil Adi

Adil Adi


Adil Adi, Chairman of The ADI Group, is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is a driving force of innovation for both enterprises and communities alike. Adi leads the Foundation’s investment portfolio and strategy while building relationships with global partners to maximize the organization’s impact.

To drive meaningful breakthroughs, Adi supports local academic researchers at institutes like UT Southwestern, MD Anderson and the Texas Medical Center. He currently sits on the board of the Mary Crowley Cancer Center which aims to expedite clinical trials for cancer patients.

Barjis Ghadially

Barjis Ghadially

Senior Vice President, Innovation

In his role as Senior Vice President for Innovation, Barjis applies his expertise on technology, talent, and organizational management to maximize the impact the Foundation has on people’s lives. Barjis works closely with global communities to align innovative solutions to the needs of the people the Foundation serves.

When not improving life-based outcomes for Foundation stakeholders, Barjis also serves as the CEO for WorldLink, an ADI Group company focused on digital transformation for the enterprise.

Sarosh Adi

Sarosh Adi


As President, Sarosh defines Foundation strategies, engages with global stakeholders, and guides the organization’s overall direction. Sarosh is responsible for enabling the highest and best use of the Foundation’s resources, while identifying opportunities to accelerate the organization’s impact.

In addition to his role at the Foundation, Sarosh serves as a Managing Director for the Adi Family Office, where he leads global market evaluation and investments.

Piran Adi

Piran Adi

Vice President

As Vice President, Piran defines Foundation strategies while collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the organization achieves maximum impact for global citizens. Piran works closely with partner organizations and community representatives to develop innovative solutions that improve life-based outcomes.

Piran also serves as a Managing Director for the Adi Family Office, where he leads community-based development investments.

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